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Ep 1

Breaking the Bubble

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Get to know your hosts, Ali and Emily! In this episode we introduce ourselves to you, go over some interesting headlines, and make a new headline that everyone should see, but no one did.

Fertility equality

Discussed in episode 1

Child marriage Source

Where you can find all the information regarding child marriage discussed in episode 1

New bill passed in Michigan

From the source linked:
The bill, House Bill 4474, passed 59 to 50 in the Michigan House of Representatives on June 20.
The proposed legislation states that if an individual “maliciously and intentionally” intimidates another individual based on any of the characteristics listed below, they would be guilty of a felony hate crime.

Harvard professor accused of what??

Harvard professor who studies honesty accused of falsifying data in studies.

The irony on this one.

#pridetrain ?

This Instagram account says it all. "Travel Alternatives: your BS stops here " and Reminder:
"Respect Trans or your pronouns will be was/were"

Fishing boat capsizes

Article where we found that there is a dispute on what really happened with the coast guard that day

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