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Ep 2

We Are Shepherds

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Join us while we discuss the group that is the most affected by our actions today... the kids. What are we setting up future generations for? How are we going to fix it? And if you are wondering what we need to fix, then this is the show for you.

Principles of Secondary Education Alexander Ingles

An interesting read on this mans theories about why we have an education system.

JT Gatto

The underground history of American education

School choice legislation Idaho

Parents are now able to choose the school their child goes to in Idaho, instead of falling into a local district for placement.

Blackrock, Vangaurd, State street Corp

Rabbit hole alert [!] when you click this link you’ll be able to see every company blackrock invests in. It’s lots of clicking but because of the freedom of information act it is public information!

Dr Russel Barkley

30 ideas parents with children with ADHD should know

Lowest literacy states

Are you surprised to see these states at the bottom?

Home school regulations

Suprising results when googling US homeschooling regulations

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